ENGLIS VERSION: Appeal from Medical Doctors and Experts Dealing with the Issues Associated with the disease Covid-19


This appeal is a result of consensus of practising medical doctors and also representatives from academia. It is the continuation of a petition presented to the parliament petition committee in April 2021 and then duly ignored by that same parliament.

As medical practitioners, experts in their own specialized fields and citizens we feel responsibility to express our views with regards to the current coronavirus crisis, which has heavily affected our country. We are fully aware of the seriousness of this situation and the health risks this situation presents. However, we see a greater threat to the general health of our citizens as a direct result of imposing drastic government restrictions and measures rather than the impact of Covid-19 itself. After eighteen months, it is evident that countries with more liberal approaches, such as Sweden, did not have greater negative outcomes in comparison with the strict approach as we have seen in the Czech Republic. More recently, we see cautionary example in Australia, where unbelievably strict measures have led to a social or/and health crisis, civil unrest and a significant opposition to the Australian government’s approach.


From a medical point of view, we cannot see any reason why we should continue with such strict measures. We are strongly requesting that the government ends the pandemic situation and begins to respect their own rules of gradual easing of restrictions (so called “releasing packages”). In consideration of those rules we should have been living normal lives without any restrictions for several weeks.


As medical practitioners and experts we are dismayed by the following facts:

  1. Methods of clinical medicine have been abandoned. Instead of taking medical history, clinical examination and laboratory findings, the “disease” is diagnosed based on a single nasopharyngeal swab sample poorly set up by PCR testing. This disease has been found in completely healthy individuals including children, who are still nonsensically and expensively tested on mass.
  2. All healthy individuals are presumed infectious unless they prove they are so called non-infectious. And this is done by means that could not prove people´s non-infectiousness. For example, people who are vaccinated, are given a confirmation of non-infectiousness without any tangible proof that this person is truly non-infectious.
  3. It is stated that our immune system is better after vaccination rather than after having the illness itself. This statement is not only incorrect, but it is also on the contrary to existing research published up to this date as well as the basis of immunology.
  4. We are witnesses of a violation of the Hippocratic Oath. There are pressures to break medical confidentiality, strict measures are used to breach human rights, medical ethics are breaking down, WHO recommendations are not followed properly as any other authorities including court judgments.
  5. Since the beginning of this pandemic, relatively inexpensive medical interventions have been refused without any further studies or considerations in waiting for an all saving vaccine. Politicians partially took on themselves the competency of diagnosing, treating and preventing these diseases.
  6. After eighteen months it is evident that statement ‘vaccinations on a voluntary basis’ is misleading. There is a constant pressure on citizens to get vaccinated despite the fact that the vaccine is not effective in stopping the spread of infection.
  7. The current vaccines against Covid-19 are experimental. They have not finished the third phase of clinical studies and the pharmaceutical companies have not confirmed and does not guarantee that there are not any negative future side effects caused by these vaccines. Vaccinations in bus and train stations, shopping malls, without taking a proper medical history, without detailed examination and information about the effects of vaccine is against professional medical standards and ethics.
  8. The whole issue of this pandemic is presented only from one perspective. Freedom of discussion is not allowed, other views are censured, experts, who have different opinions are being silenced, discredited and called as disinformers and deniers. This language is frankly close to the official propaganda of a totalitarian state before the year 1989.
  9. For the past eighteen months, the media and, unfortunately, many medical practitioners have been scaring people with false information. Where the basic medical rule “do not do any harm” – Primum non nocere, has been repeatedly broken.
  10. The government is not able to answer one basic question of when all these restrictive measures
    will be lifted. It is apparent that even zero positive tests do not guarantee an end of restrictions,
    because of “what if” scenarios. This attitude is so arrogant and stupid that it brings suspicion that
    this is a deliberate plan to restrict basic human rights and freedoms.

We are aware that this opinion on the current situation in the Czech Republic is shared not only by a large group of people jointly under the banner of “Gold Pin” or under the heading of “Healthy Forum” but there are more and more people such as leaders of different professions, companies, directors of factories and schools, teachers, scientists and health workers who have the same views. These people are unhappy with the current situation and they would like a rational debate, mainly about the return to normal lives.

We urgently demand from our government: to stop playing this absurd game and lift all the restrictions similarly as Great Britain or Denmark have done. Give back competency to medical doctors and regional hygienists to deal with this issue the same way as they would during any other viral epidemic. The fact is that seasonal respiratory disease will stay with us and we must learn how to live with it.


31 August, 2021


Download Appeal_from_Medical_Doctors_and_Experts in PDF.

Link to original CZ document with list of signed people.

ENGLIS VERSION: Appeal from Medical Doctors and Experts Dealing with the Issues Associated with the disease Covid-19
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